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About Me

Wow, so you really want to know more about me, eh? Cool, here goes...

I work for TMP Worldwide, a global recruitment advertising agency. I have held many development and management positions over the years, but the one I am most proud of is becoming TMP's very first Director of Accessibility.

The first time I saw HTML, way back in 1996, I literally fell in love. The web was something I needed to be a part of and to contribute to. Every job or new position I have held was a stepping stone to where I am today. For 15 of those years with TMP, I worked out of their headquarters in New York City, but now work remotely from beautiful Allentown, PA. Making inclusive products and websites, and teaching others how to do the same, is my absolute passion! On occasion, I do consult, so feel free to drop me a line if you have an inquiry or are looking for more guidance on digital accessibility.

When I am not focused on accessibility, I am a devoted family man who enjoys hanging out with my awesome wife and our fantastic five children. For those moments when I do have a little time on my hands, I can often be found tinkering with various technologies, this blog, and restoring old arcade cabinets to their former glory!