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Transcending Tools

Published by Michael Spellacy (Spell) on

In my work. I have never thought it very prudent to devote my time or energy to mastering a specific tool or framework. This is not because I do not find value in these things, but because they have a tendency to become easily replaced or outdated. Especially in the breakneck world we live in today. When the tool changes or ceases to exist, you are then left having to learn anew, which always seemed inefficient to me.

Better to focus on process, principles and standards, which transcend specific tools. For example, no matter what tool one uses in their work, the experience that is created still needs to be an accessible one, etc.

So far, focusing on these things in my career has worked out pretty well for me. I think this might warrant a larger article someday, but just wanted to drop this as a reminder for myself.