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Pac-Man Restoration: CPO

Published by Michael Spellacy (Spell) on

Got the new Control Panel Overlay (CPO) last week. It looks good, but is ever so slightly off from the original. Likely something no other human-being will notice, but which screams out to my anal retentive eyeballs.

Soon I will disassemble the control panel, clean everything, resolder if need be, strip, spray, apply new CPO and reassemble.

I'll be doing this to most other parts on the machine first, before working on the cabinet itself. So far, I'm still within budget.

I also replaced the plug. My son walked into the office a few days ago, barefoot, and started receiving low level shocks from the machine itself. Something I had not noticed before, because I always have sneakers on. Sure enough, the outlet was missing a third prong and that was the culprit. Fun with electricity!