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How To Host An Infographic

Published by Michael Spellacy (Spell) on

I have seen colleagues get a little confused while attempting to create infographics, so this is an effort to clear things up and also improve upon the accessibility of them, which is almost always forgotten.

Often, requests come through to produce "HTML infographics". However, what is being asked for here is not an infographic, but just a regular ol' webpage. Infographics serve a particular purpose and are usually meant to be easily shared across social media.

I also see multiple inforgraphics created, one for mobile users and one for desktop users, usually in an attempt to improve cross-device viewing, but this is not ideal, as a single image should only be created to be shared. In regards to accessibility, it is considered good form to produce an alternative means to access the same content locked away within the image, so please read on, and by all means, please share my inforgraphic about infographics! Meta!

How To Host An Infographic (Image)

View HTML Version (Accessibility is important, so always include a link to a text version of the graphic.)