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Coronavirus: Work From Home Tips For Office Workers

Published by Michael Spellacy (Spell) on

With the coronavirus upon us and not leaving your home about to become très chic, I thought that I might share a few tips that I employ to successfully work from home (WFH).

Keep To Routine

Wake up and get ready for your day like you normally would. Shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, grab a cup of jamoke (or tea) and then your designated home work space. That's one sweet ride.

Dedicated Work Space

If you are privileged to have a dedicated home office, then that is awesome, but not all are as fortunate. Whatever space you do choose in your home, make it your special, dedicated spot to get the day’s work done. I'd suggest Starbucks or shared office space, but that's probably not a great idea at the moment.

Keep Normal Hours

I know this one is hard, but try to keep regular 9 to 5 hours. Stay focused and keep interruptions to a bare minimum. If you are interrupted, then try your best to finish up later on. In short, always put in your eight hours and when you can't, well, a weekend full of work is likely in your future, which you should always try to avoid.

Take Breaks

This one goes without saying and is the only one I totally stink at. Go out to lunch, get some fresh air, meditate, whatever floats your boat, but be sure to take those breaks! They are supposedly good for your mental health, which is cool. I'm trying to get better at this.

Show Your (Virtual) Face

Having worked from home for a few years, I know, first hand, that it is easy to become forgotten. "Out of sight, out of mind", is as true a phrase as I have ever known, so I make it a habit to be "present" during meetings, via video conferencing. 'Tis a virtual world we live in, so why not? If you have not groomed yourself, just throw on a hat. Being seen and heard not only serves as a reminder to colleagues that you do exist, but may also serve to brighten your mood a little. The work from home life can be a lonely one.

Be Accessible

If colleagues or managers are trying to get in touch, then be sure to respond within a reasonable time-frame. Certain colleagues have "VIP Status" on my phone, so if an email comes in from them, I will be alerted to it immediately. Many phone contact apps have ways to do this. Just Google it. Being easily accessible via phone, text messenging, and applications, like Slack, is also important.

I hope some of these tips help ease you into the WFH lifestyle! If you would like me to add any more tips here, just respond in the webmentions or other social media outlets listed below.

Stay safe out there everybody!